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New for 2019!

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My reputation has grown nationally (and internationally in some cases) and I was always being asked if I could ship cakes to passionate customers many miles away hoping to sample the fantastic flavours.

Unfortunately this wasn't possible as it was impossible to guarantee the cakes would be delivered beautifully presented as when it was created (however carefully it was handled whilst shipped). There was no way I could risk disappointing my customers on what could be their special day!

So I created BoxCakes! An innovation in delivering my tasty cakes nationwide from oven to your door.

Classic 1sm.png

​The concept is simple: We all love baking, but sometimes we don't always have the time or ingredients to hand for a fresh batch. Sometimes we just want to be pampered. Sometimes we want to send a loved one a gift.

No problem! Your BoxCake delivery contains everything you need to wow yourself and your friends with professional freshly baked cupcakes.

Just unwrap your chosen flavour sponge cakes, fill the included piping bags with the buttercream topping provided, squeeze onto your sponge into the perfect swirl (this is always my favourite part!) then top with your selected theme decorations. How easy is that? If you're sneaky you could even tell your friends you made them yourself. Well, it's almost true!

Not sure how good you'll be at hand finishing your cupcakes? Don't worry, it's simple and like most things a little practice goes a long way. Take a look at my video here and you'll see just how simple and quick it really is...

You're only three steps away from freshly batch baked cupcakes delivered directly to your door!

Step 1

3 Sponge.png

Choose your sponge

With a choice of three classic flavours you can perfectly match your sponge to your tastes - yummy!

Step 2

3 Cream.png

Pick your buttercream

A selection of three rich buttercreams for your topping you can perfectly complement your sponge

Step 3


Select your style

Celebration or just indulgence? You'll find the perfect decoration for your special moments

My BoxCakes are available in three beautiful collections

BoxCakes Classic Selection

From only £24.99

12 freshly batch backed sponges, toppings, and decorations of your choice bundled up beautifully and ready to pipe & dress. The perfect selection of classic decorations to wow any occasion!

BoxCakes Celebration Selection

Coming Soon!

Birthday? Got it! Baby Shower? Covered. Valentines, Mother's day, Halloween, Christmas, whatever you're ready to celebrate I'll be ready with the perfect Cupcakes for you!

BoxCakes Bare Selection

From only £22.99

My selection of classic sponge flavours & tasty buttercream toppings only. No decorations, no fuss! Perfect for creating your own designs to fit in with your special occasion. Can't decide on only one flavour? No worries, try the half & half mixed combo!

BoxCakes Sponge Flavours

Vanilla Sponge.png


The Classic!

Butterscotch Sponge.png


The Crafty!

Chocolate Sponge.png

Chocolate Chip

The Naughty!

BoxCakes Buttercream Flavours

Vanilla Cream.png


Smooth & Creamy

Caramel Cream.png

Rich Salted Caramel

Soft & Silky

Chocolate Cream.png

Chocolate Cream

Rich & Velvety

BoxCakes Classics Selection

Sweetshop 1sm.png


A Touch of Nostalgia

Rocky Road 1sm.png

Rocky Road

For the Adventure

Caramel Crackle 1sm.png

Caramel Crackle

Pure Dynamite!

Sweetshop 1sm.png

Party Pinks

It's Party Time!

Choc Over 2sm.png

Chocolate Overload

Totally addictive!

BoxCakes Celebrations Selection

Coming Soon!

Happy Birthday Pink.png

Happy Birthday Pink

For the girl on her special day

Birthday blue.png

Happy Birthday Blue

For the lads or Dads?

Shower 8.png

Baby Shower Pink

It's a Girl!

Shower Blue.png

Baby Shower Blue

Bouncing Baby Boy!

Shower 9.png

Baby Shower Mixed

A Beautiful Surprise for us all!

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