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Welcome to my wonderful world of cakes …!

As this is my first subscriber post I thought I’d tell you a little about myself. My name is Rebecca, hence Cakes by Rebecca, I am a 45-year-old mother of two and wife of one (so I have three kids 😊)

Around 14 years ago I decided I couldn’t continue in the corporate world and had a real desire to create something. After ringing a few local businesses to see about any vacancies, I started out serving customers in a local celebration cake shop and completely loved the environment I found myself in, I decided this was something I think I’d love. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay at the shop long as the hours were not compatible with family commitments at the time but I’d spent enough time there to believe I could create cakes just like those in the shop.

That’s when my real cake adventure began, I bought my first cake decorating book Carol Deacon from The Works bookshop in Tamworth, it was just £3, from that moment I was hooked. Her simple, easy to make models and decorations were inspirational to an amateur baker like me and I began to recreate some of her designs.

Telling friends and family about my ambitions, I volunteered to make cakes for every occasion for very little money, just to get some experience and soon word spread and I began to get requests. With excitement my husband made me a little website, we had to think of a name and so Cakes by Rebecca was born.

As my experience and customer base grew so did my confidence, I created a new and more attractive website and I was excited to be getting ‘real’ orders from ‘real’ customers. Although terrifying at times, the look on customers faces was magical and made the hours’ worth it.

And so, my adventure continues, now 12 years down the line, and I still love to bake and some designs still do terrify me. However, with the stress of running a shop behind me and a renewed focus to guide me I am keen to continue to create wonderful new cake designs, inspired by my customers ideas, and share my experiences with you as well as recipes, offers and promotions.

I hope you enjoy sharing my cake adventures.

Rebecca … with love xx

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